The Cabinet of Curiosity – NEW for summer 2021

We’re currently working on our newest show, The Cabinet of Curiosity. It’s our most ambitious work yet and will debut in Summer 2021. Your audience will love being part of the adventure story and helping the mysterious cabinet come to life.

An intriguing Cabinet of Curiosity travels through the park accompanied by two characters, inviting the audience to play. The mysterious cabinet hides secrets within and will reward the curious. As the story unfolds, we will discover a series of doors, drawers, knobs, pulleys and other interactive possibilities for the audience to engage with. Hidden within the cabinet are treasure hunt clues, puzzles, vignettes, characters and surprises. These hold the key to further discoveries… 

Are you curious? Will you solve the puzzles and unveil the mysteries? Which stories will the Cabinet reveal? The adventure begins with you.

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Artist’s impression of finished cabinet – work still in progress and subject to change as the show evolves

The Cabinet is a mobile interactive theatre piece, designed to reward the curious and encourage audiences to actively engage with the story. The narrative reflects our experiences of being housebound with young children and becomes a playful adventure tale. The Cabinet will transform during the show, beginning as mundane and domestic and slowly revealing itself as a magical vessel for imaginative play.

The Cabinet of Curiosity, work-in-progress. Photo: Craig Shaw
Detail from The Cabinet of Curiosity, work-in-progress. Photo: Craig Shaw

‘The Cabinet of Curiosity’ was commissioned by Spot On Lancashire and the Burnley Community Promoters Group.

Tour Pack Summary

Get in:   3 hours 

Get out: 3 hours 

Performance run time: 40mins  

(20min static performance plus 20 min cabinet arrival/departure) 

Number of sets per day: 3 

Minimum break between sets: 1hr 

Number of performers/crew: 3 

Loading and assembly 

We require space for a transit van, plus 3 metres. Ideally this will be in a backstage area for assembly of cabinet immediately after loading.

Green Room 

We will need a warm, dry, Green Room area for dressing/storage of personal items and technical equipment.  Access to electrical sockets for charging is essential.

Performance space and access 

The cabinet moves on a hand-pushed cart, it will be wheeled into performance position, so a relatively level, relatively firm surface is required in the route.  

  • Relatively level (no very steep hills, but gentle slopes are fine) 
  • Relatively firm ground (firm enough to drive on, no deep mud) 
  • Performance space height minimum 2.3m 
  • Performance floor space minimum 3m x 3m 

Target audience                 



Suitable for both children and adults 

Accessible to those without English as a first language  

Key selling points 

  • Interactive and playful 
  • Accessible to all ages 
  • Accessible to those with limited English language 
  • Indoor/Outdoor performance 
  • Available with optional accompanying educational/engagement workshops
  • Could form part of a longer-term educational residency project 

Covid planning 

This show has been designed with social-distancing in mind, to protect the audience, performers and any on-site support staff. We are a small team of three performers, able to get in and out without extra help. We require access to a power supply and toilets but would be happy to collect and return a key, in order to limit contact with on-site support. 

We are based in West Yorkshire, so can easily cover a large proportion of the North of England without requiring an overnight stay.  

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