The Hare & The Moon – Suitcase Theatre Show

The Hare and The Moon Suitcase Theatre is our Hare & Moon story, performed in miniature on beautiful sets built within a vintage suitcase. The tale is told through puppetry, spoken word and music.

Your audience will meet adventurous Hare and her patient friend Moon in this short piece of less than 5 minutes duration. Children and adults alike will be charmed by this enchanting story of night skies, light and the joy of friendship.

The Hare and The Moon Suitcase Theatre is engaging for smaller audiences, and ideally suited to venues where an audience is likely to be required to move on after 5-10 minutes.

Hare & Moon Suitcase Theatre trailer

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The Hare and Moon Suitcase Theatre  can provide up to 3 performances in a thirty minute set; and a maximum of 4  thirty minute sets in a day.

Commissioned by Stellar Projects for Nightfall 2020. Film by Ian Hodgson and original music by Carl Thomas.

Particularly suitable for:​


Children’s festivals​

Family events

Tour Pack Summary

Get in:   1 hour 

Get out: 1 hour 

Performance run time: 5 mins 

Number of performers/crew: 2 

Number of sets per day: 3 x 5-minute performances in a 30-minute set.   

Up to 4 x 30-minute sets in a day. 

Minimum break between sets: 30 mins 

Loading and assembly 

Allocated parking within walking distance of the performance space is preferable. 

Green Room 

We will need a warm, dry, Green Room area for dressing/storage of personal items and technical equipment.  Access to electrical sockets for charging is essential.  

Performance space and access 

The Hare and the Moon Suitcase Theatre is a small scale piece and can be performed in multiple spaces in one day if desired. The work can be happily performed both inside and out, although it is not suited to performance in rain or wind without additional shelter.  

The show is suitable for both rural and urban settings.  

The lit aspect of the show means that it looks equally lovely  during darker times of the day/night. 

Target audience                 



Suitable for both children and adults 

Accessible to those without English as a first language  

Key selling points 

  • Interactive and playful 
  • Accessible to all ages 
  • Accessible to those with limited English language 
  • Can be performed on any terrain 
  • Works well when audiences need to be moved on after a short performance 
  • Available with accompanying educational/engagement workshops 
  • Could form part of a longer term educational residency project 

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