The Hare & The Moon – Interactive Walkabout Act

The Hare and The Moon is a gentle and warmhearted walkabout show inspired by the mythology of the moon gazing hare.​

Commissioned by Stellar Projects for Nightfall 2019, our artists created Hare and Moon as an illuminated spectacle and engaging piece of interactive theatre.​

Moon gently greets the audience, wrapped in her starcloth cloak and encouraging spectators to seek out Hare – who is adventurous, and prone to getting lost.

Hare, with her illuminated mask, explores the setting, enchanted by new discoveries. She is happy to meet new friends, and be reminded of The Moon and the way home.​

Book today, because your audience will love this magical experience

The Hare and The Moon is both visually engaging to a mass audience, and beautifully gentle and personal on a 1:1 level. ​

Hare and Moon can provide up to 4  thirty minute sets in a day.​

Particularly suitable for:​

Children (babies are besotted with the moon!)​

Children’s festivals​

Family events

THE HARE & THE MOON – Illuminated walkabout performance by Eye of Newt


Get In:      1 Hour

Get Out:  1 Hour 

Performance run time: 30mins 

Number of sets per day: 4 

Minimum break between sets: 30 mins 

Number of performers/crew: 2 

Loading and assembly 

We require space for a transit van. Ideally this will be in a backstage area. 

Green Room 

We will need a warm, dry, Green Room area for dressing/storage of personal items and technical equipment.  Access to electrical sockets for charging is essential. 

Performance space and access 

The Hare and the Moon is an outdoor roaming piece and can cover a flexible performance space during a 30 minute duration.  The show is suitable for both rural and urban settings.  

The lit aspect of the show means that it is at its best during darker times of the day/night; but daytime performances also work. 

Target audience                

  • Families 
  • Festivals 
  • Suitable for both children and adults 
  • Accessible to those without English as a first language  

Key selling points 

  • Interactive and playful 
  • Accessible to all ages 
  • Accessible to those with limited English language 
  • Roams freely across any terrain 
  • Also works as a “walk-through” piece 
  • Available with accompanying educational/engagement workshops 
  • Could form part of a longer term educational residency project 

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